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Department of Architecture The B. Arch. Practice course in the Department of Architecture aims to prepare students for professional advanced studies and research. The Courses are designed to equip students with professional skills necessary for an architectural practice. The students learn the history of the regional architecture; study the relation ship between historical buildings and contemporary construction, understand the basis of emerging forms of architecture in Pakistan, and appreciate the relationship of living spaces with human values and dimensions. The Department has kept pace with changes and advances in technology, and provides teaching and learning skills with the aid of a well-equipped computer lab. Most faculty members are practising architects who enrich their academic and theoretical discourse with their first- hand practical experience. The Department also invites visiting architects and planners to lecture at the Centre from time to time. The course is divided into three distinct levels: (First Year) Foundation Level, Intermediate Level (Second and Third Years) and Degree Level (Fourth and Fifth Years). The First Year Course In the first year, students from the Department of Architecture, Department of Communication Design, Department of Textile Design, Department of Ceramic Design and the Department of Fine Art study together. The objective of the Foundation Course is to introduce various courses and develop appreciation of all visual arts. Intermediate Level of the Course (Second & Third Year) The objective at the Intermediate Level is to strengthen drafting, presentation, and technical skills (that are necessary for perception and expression of ideas in architectural design). The focus is to train the students with an ability to design a simple building along with their working details. Second Year In the second year, drafting and presentation skills are developed through design of functional spaces in tandem with building construction incorporating structural and non-structural materials. Design methodology is introduced and the students are given the following types of projects: Measured drawings of building components and construction details; Design of single-function spaces (such as kitchen, classroom, kiosk) with construction details using different structural materials; 3D presentations (perspectives and models) Group-work is encouraged at the data collection level, whereas, design and presentation is required to be done individually. Third Year In the third year, the students develop a command over the skills of drafting and presentation through design of complex buildings in different materials and construction techniques. Other complexities of building construction incorporating materials, structures, and services are also addressed. The types of projects that the students undertake are the following: Design and details of structures using prefabricated components. Design of energy efficient buildings.
The Faculty Head of Department / Assistant Professors Mr. Atta-ul-munim Bullo B. Arch (MUET) Prof. Dr. Bhai Khan Shar B. Arch (MUET) PhD. Architecture (Newcastle Upon Tyne) Assistant Professor Mr. Jawaid Hussain Makhdoom B. Arch (MUET) M. Arch (Sheffield) Lecturers Mr. Farhad Shams Nizamani M.Arch (China) Ms. Hina Marvi B.Arch (MUET) Jamshoro Ms. Saima Ghazal B.Arch (MUET) Jamshoro Contractual Faculty Ms. Rabia Pir Bux B.Arch (MUET) Visiting Faculty Prof. Dr. Aneel Kumar Prof. Dr. Fareed Ahmed Memon Prof. Dr. Naeem Aziz Dr. Nafeez Memon Mr. Samer Hussain Rizvi Mr. Ayaz Ali Unner Mr. Shahrukh Noman Ms. Shazia Abro