1. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aslam Uqaili, Chairman Chairman BoG, CEAD/ Vice-Chancellor, MUET, Jamshoro. 2. Representative of, Member Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad (Nominee of the HEC) 3. Representative of, Member Syndicate of MUET, Jamshoro 4. Prof. Dr. Ghous Bux Khaskheli, Member Dean, Faculty of Arch and Civil Engineering MUET, Jamshoro. 5. Prof. Shehnaz Ismail, Member Dean, Faculty of Design, IVSAA, Karachi. (Expert in Subject of Design) 6. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Bhatti, Member Ex-Director, (IA& Design, U.o.S, Jamshoro) (Expert in Subject of Fine Arts) 7. Prof. Dr. Tauha Hussain Ali, Member Registrar, MUET, Jamshoro. (Nominee of Academic Council, MUET) 8. Representative of, Member Pakistan Science Foundation, Islamabad). 9. Representative of, Mehran University of Engineering Technology, Member Jamshoro 10. Prof. Dr. Bhai Khan Shar, Member / Secretary Director, CEAD, MUET, Jamshoro
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