Ceramic Design The Department of Ceramic Design involves the students in exploring the possibilities of moulding and casting in clay in range of methods using coil method, slab method and the traditional potter wheel methods. The students are trained in the use of colors through baking, firing and glazing. The course encourages the students to experiment with design possibilities in creating three dimensional forms. Second Year In second year, The students will enter to their major subjects of specialization in addition to studio courses they will be required to attend compulsory subjects with other department of design. Third Year Students successfully completing the second year enter their area of specialization in the third year. In addition to the major subject, one studio elective is selected each term from a range of studio elective courses offered jointly by the Design and Fine Art Departments. Drawing and theoretical courses are compulsory components. Fourth Year Students in the fourth year execute studio assignments for the first 12 weeks of term. This is followed by a mini- thesis. This exercise is conducted with the objective of preparing and training students in all aspects of the thesis project which they are required to submit at the end of the year. A proposal for the final thesis project is examined for approval by an Internal Thesis Committee; whereas, a panel of external jurors evaluates the final project. A written report on the final project has to be submitted in conjunction with the body of studio work.
The Faculty Mr. Hassan Kashigar B.Des (Ceramic Design) NCA, Lahore Lecturer
Ceramic Design
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