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ACT NO. XXIV OF 1974 AS AMENDED THROUGH ACT NO. IX OF 1976 An Act to provide for the establishment of Centres of Excellence in the Universities for conducing high- level teaching and research. WHEREAS it is expedite to provide for the establishment of Centres of Excellence in the Universities for conducing high-level teaching and research; It is hereby enacted as follows:- a. Short title and commencement - (1) this act may be called the centers of excellence act 1974. b. It extends to the whole of Pakistan. c. It shall come into force at once. 2. Definition - In this act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context. (a) "Board" means a Board of Governors referred to in sub section (1) of section 5; (b) "Centre" means a Centre of Excellence established under section 3; (c) "Commission" means the University Grants Commission establishment or to be established under the law providing for the establishment such commission. (d) "Director" means the Director of the Centre. (e) "regulations" means regulations made under, section 11; and (f) "Rules" means rule made under section 10. 3. Establishment of Centre:- as soon as may be after the commencement of this act, the Federal Government may be notification in the Official Gazette. Establish a Centre of Excellence in a University specified in the notification. 4. Functions of the Centre: - (a) Engage in goal-oriented high-level teaching and research; (b) train research workers; (c) establish M. Phil, Ph. D, and other programme in the relevant discipline in accordance with the standard and requirements of the University in which the Centre is established; (d) promote co-operation in inter disciplinary relationship with other teaching and research establishment; (e) arrange conferences, seminars and refresher courses for the development of teaching and research; and (f) conduct teaching and research in such particular discipline as may be assigned to it by the Federal Government in consultation with the University in which the Centre is established. 5. Board of Governors. (1) The Management overall control and supervision of the affairs of a Centre established in a university shall vest in a Board of Governors consisting of the following members namely:- (a) Vice Chancellor of the University, who shall also be its Chairman. (b) A representative of the Commission. (c) A representative of the Pakistan Science Foundation. (d) A representative of the Ministry of Education. (e) Dean of the Faculty of the University. (f) Two experts in the subject to be nominated by the Federal Government on the recommendation of the Commission. (g) One expert in subject to be nominated by the Syndicate of the University. (h) One expert in the subject to be nominated by the Academic Council of the University. (i) One expert in the subject to be nominated by the National Education Council. (j) Director of the Centre. (2) In Particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provision, the Board shall have the power to- (a) Approve the Academic and research programmes of the Centre with the concurrence of the Academic Council of the University in which the Center is established. (b) Lay down Rules of Admission to the Centre; (c) Institute fellowship for promotion of research in the discipline concerned; (d) Create, suspend or abolish such posts as may be necessary; (e) Appoint teachers and other officers; and (f) Hold, control and administer the funds of the Centre. (3) A member of the board referred to in paragraph (f) of sub-clause (i) shall hold office for such term as may be determined by the federal government. (4) The meetings of the board shall be held as and when called by the Chairmen. Provided that not less than two meetings shall be held in each year. (5) In exercise of its powers and the performance of its functions, a board shall be subject to such special or general instructions, as may be issued by the commission from time to time. (6) The board may, for the speedy and efficient working of the center, delegate to the Director such of its powers as it may deem necessary. 6. Director. (1) The Director shall be appointed by the Federal Government after consolation with the Commission and the Vice Chancellor of the University at which the Centre concerned is established on such remuneration and other terms and conditions of service as may be determined by the Federal Government. (2) The Director shall be the Academic and Executive head of the Center and Secretary of the Board and shall be responsible to the Board for carrying out the objectives of the Centre. (3) The Director shall perform such other functions and exercise such powers may be assigned or delegated to him by the Board. (4) The Director may, by writing under his hand addressed to the Chairman, assign his office. 7. Academic Committee-(1) At each Centre, there shall be an Academic Committee consisting of the following members namely. (a) Director of the Centre, who shall also be its Convener. (b) All professional and Associate Professors of the Centre. (c) Two experts to be nominated by the Commission. (2) The Committee may (associate) such other experts as it may consider necessary. (3) The Committee shall prepare and submit to the Board the academic and such programmes of the Centre. 8. Fund, - Each Centre shall have a fund to which shall be credited. (a) grants made by the Federal Government, the provincial Governments and commission. (b) Contributions and donations from individuals, local bodies, corporations, institutes, organizations and agencies; and (c) Income from fees. 9. Audit and Accounts, ETC - (1) The Accounts of a Centre shall be maintained in such form and manners may be prescribed by rules. (2) The accounts of a Centre shall be audited once in a every year by an auditor appointed by the commission on such remuneration, if any, to be paid by the Centre, as the commission may fix. (3) A Centre shall submit, through the commission to the Federal Government a copy of its audited annual accounts, together with the observations of the Director, if any, thereon and a report on the activities of the Centre during the preceding year. (4) A Centre shall furnish to the Federal Government such information relating to its activities as may be asked for by the Federal Government from time to time. 10. Power to make Rules - the Federal Government may, by notification in the official gazette. Make Rules for carrying out the purposes of this Act including Rules to regulate the financial and administrative matters relating to a Centre. 11. Power to make Regulations - A Centre, with the approval of the commission, make such regulations concerning academic matter, not inconsistent with the Rules, as it may consider necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Act.