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From the Desk of Director The 14th Batch is being processed for admission at CEAD, MUET, Jamshoro. This institution being in the heart of education city, is one of the blessed institutions of the country. I would congratulate the aspirant of art, design and architecture education that you are seeking admission in one of the dynamic institution of the country and will become a part of a vibrant artist community. My prayers are for all those deserving applicants to be successful in pre-entry test so as to join our community. But as a matter of fact and that due to a limited number of seats available not every one of you will be successful but if you have determination should not loose heart and make another attempt. The graduates of the centre are being disseminated within and without the country. Quite a few have been successful in breaking the regional boundaries to offer their valuable services in foreign countries. Capitalizing on existing quality of education being offered here we are consistently focused to further enhance the quality by improving on the overall infrastructure, facilities, course curricula, process of intake and the training of the faculty. I have a firm belief that some of you after graduation and by dedication to the profession, hard work, commitment, and talent will not only shine their own name but also the name of this very institution and the motherland in the world. Good luck to you all. Prof. Dr. Bhai Khan Shar