The Faculty Head of Department Assistant Professor Mr. Ali Abbas Jaffri MFA (UoS) Assistant Professors Mr. Nusrat Raza Mangi MFA (UoS) Mr. Fazal Ellahi Khan MFA University of Balochistan Mr. Shoukat Ali Khokhar MA Hons. Visual Arts (NCA) Lecturers Mr. Jam Depar BFA, Sculpture (NCA) Mr. Amjad Ali Talpur BFA, Miniature Painting (NCA) Mr. Abdul Malik Channa BFA, Painting (NCA) Mr. Nizam-ud-Din Dahiri M.A Visual Arts (NCA) Mr. Manzoor Ali Solangi MFA (UoS) Mr. Zubair Bhutto BFA, Miniature Painting (CEAD) Contractual Faculty Mr. Kashif Shahzad MA Fine Arts (Punjab University) Mr. Safdar Ali Qureshi BFA, Miniature Painting (NCA) Visiting Faculty Members Mr. Shafique Tunio Ghulam Abbas Mehar Mr. Athar Abass Zaidi Mr. Najeeb Rashdi Mr. Ashfaq Mirani Ms. Rahila Abro
Fine Arts
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Department of Fine Arts The Fine Art Department through its various specializations aims to develop individual student's abilities, skills and potential as an artist. The Department encourages personal response and imagery in the chosen field, while at the same time prepares them to attain the requisite level of understanding and competence, to face challenges of job and market in their areas of specialization. The Faculty jointly supervises the progress of all students and advises them in their specific areas. The courses are structured and allow each student at the senior level a freedom to explore their particular approach. It is, therefore, expected from the students of the department not only to fulfill course and studio requirements but to work independently in their own time to complement their studies at the Centre. Each student is expected to prepare a portfolio of work, show evidence of work and write a paper on ideas, concepts and theoretical analysis at the degree level. Examinations of studio work are conducted in the form of juries by external examiners. The Second Year is treated as an introductory level in the following areas of specialization which are offered by the department of Fine Arts: Painting Printmaking Sculpture Miniature Painting The drawing is the major subject, divided into two terms, for all the areas of specialization. The Second Year class will be divided into four groups, each group will attend course in rotation in four disciplines mentioned above for a block period of four weeks per subject per term (A total of 16 weeks). All students will attend the compulsory drawing course for a block period of four weeks. The aims and objectives of the second year are: To introduce all the areas of specialization offered by the department of fine arts and familiarize students with the basic principles and techniques in the respective areas and assist students in gaining sufficient understanding in their respective areas of specialization which they are supposed to choose at the end of the year. To develop the drawing skills of students with an emphasis on the understanding of human anatomy and the ability to translate what is observed at a beginning for a sound foundation for future work.