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CEAD SPORTS CLUB Sports   are   cinsidered   as   one   of   the   basic   need   of   students   at   CEAD.   The   sports played   at   Centre   included   Cricket,   Football,   Basketball,   Table   Tennis,   Badminton, Volleyball    Throwball    and    others.    Sport    Club    has    been    established    to    facilitate students    for    their    healthy    activities    and    to    strengthen    their    mental    ablities.    The Students    participating    in    sports    events    are    being    provided    transport    by    CEAD administration   to   visit   different   citiies   and   play   their   part   in   different   competitions.   We consider   as   study   and   sports   go   together   and   simultaneously   it   contributes   towards academic activities. For   registration   forms   available   at   the   office   of   Incharge   Sports   Section   (System Administrator   Office)   and   the   same   registration   forms   also   available   at   Art   Material Shop and can be download from this website.